Lawrence Riccio, RPh

Larry is a Board Certified Oncology Pharmacy specialist and has more than 30 years of professional pharmacy experience in various settings. Licensed in New York and New Jersey, Larry has practiced in retail, hospital, and outpatient infusion centers as a staff pharmacist, Supervising Pharmacist, Sterile IV Admixture Supervisor, and Chief Oncology Pharmacist. Currently, Larry is the Clinical Oncology Pharmacist responsible for the day to day operation of a chemotherapy and specialty infusion pharmacy laboratory located in SUNY Downstate Medical Center. Larry utilizes his vast knowledge and experience to ensure that all adult, pediatric, ambulatory, and hospitalized patients receive clinically appropriate chemotherapy and specialized medical treatments. Recently, he has pioneered an oral chemotherapy program, in which he acts as patient navigator, clinical liaison, and pharmacist counselor, assisting both the physicians and their patients in all aspects of the oral specialty medication process, including prescription initiation, insurance authorization, patient assistance, medication counseling, follow-up and monitoring. In addition to his other duties, Mr. Riccio is also a popular preceptor for 4th, 5th, and 6th year Pharm D students and pharmacy PGY-1 Residents.